Technical Support Engineer (Linux, PHP) (m/w/x)

Tideways is looking for a part-time (15-25 hours) Technical Support Engineer in Bonn (Germany), with the option to work remotely up to 80-90% of your time ("Nearmote") and extremely flexible work hours.

The position is suited for a self-motivated and organized person with a technical background in programming or system administration and the strong desire to work closely with people. If you like troubleshooting, debugging and solving technical challenges, are good at prioritizing tasks and are a clear written communicator, then this job is for you.

What are the minimum requirements:

  • Skilled and experienced writer in the English and German language
  • Basic experience with Linux and Bash (For example installation of packages, debugging and identifying configuration problems, setup of PHP installations)
  • Basic programming experience, bonus points for PHP or any kind of PHP-based software
  • Because customer support work is spread across the whole work week, this position requires availability on most workdays, but with full flexibility with regard to mornings or afternoons.
  • your primary place of residence must be Germany

What you will be doing:

  • Work with customers and team members to solve technical support problems
  • Troubleshooting and triaging customer problems with our platform, identifying bugs and following up on fixes.
  • Work on bugs, quality assurance and other technical solutions to improve customer success. Improve and automate onboarding further to reduce the need for direct support.
  • Writing articles and tutorials for the support documentation, preparing teaching material for video tutorials, courses or presentations.
  • Research on PHP and framework performance topics
  • Learning various PHP applications and frameworks to setup technical demos or investigate new functionality for the Profiler.

We provide a path for experienced support engineers to advance to Web Application Engineer or Infrastructure Engineer roles.

Our Benefits

Our pay aims to be in the top 25% for your role and experience compared to other startups and small businesses. For this particular job we are offering to pay between 36.000€ to 52.000€ (full-time, adjusted for part-time). We also take every Friday off during the summer.

See our Careers page for a list of all the benefits that we provide employees.

If this job sounds interesting to you, please send a letter of motivation including what technologies you are most excited about to learn in the near future, your CV and your earliest possible starting date to [email protected].

Do you still have a question? Feel free to send us an e-mail and we will reply as quickly as possible.