Profiling | Monitoring & Alerting | Error and Exception Tracking

Don't lose revenue to slow load times

See what your customers see through application monitoring. Quickly spot areas with slower-than-usual load times, and set up real-time alerts to notify you of any errors in your application.

Keeping a close eye, every minute of every day

Response time monitoring

Measure response times, number of requests, and errors on a minute-by-minute basis on the application-, service- and individual transaction-level. We store the full distribution of requests so that you don't miss a single outlier.

Performance snapshots

Review response times from any timeframe to compare how your app’s performance has changed and affected users over time.

Compare the historical long-term performance with daily, weekly and monthly reports.

Customizable alerts

Configure real-time notifications that fit into your existing workflow. Integrates with email, IRC, HipChat, and Slack, and many more. New integrations are on the way.