Load-Testing for your Shopware 6 store

Are you anxious to launch your Shopware 6 store or start a new marketing campaign because you don’t know if your site can handle the traffic?

  • You are on a tight schedule to get the next feature, Shopware or extension update out the door, but afraid it would be too time consuming and expensive to set up a realistic load-testing environment to anticipate the performance impact?
  • Maybe you expect disappointing results from previous experiences load-testing your store that were not as repeatable, insightful and flexible as you hoped for? 
  • Certainly, you have no desire to be told “the site does not hold up under the expected traffic” without any insights into why and how to improve?

Enter Repeatable and Insightful Load-Testing for Shopware 6 combined with Profiling

Your insights from load-testing increase massively when based on a re-usable foundation of common user scenarios and are configurable to adapt to your store’s real-world traffic pattern.

Together with Shopware and our partners we have built the Shopware 6 Benchmarking suite for this purpose

The code is available with an open-source license on Github, so it benefits from the community to improve user scenarios and share maintenance to adapt for future Shopware and extension versions.

Our benchmarking tool includes an HTML/PDF report including a standardized score for the performance and computes relevant business metrics such as the estimated orders per hour and pageviews the store can handle.

By directly integrating with our Tideways PHP Monitoring and Profiling a load-test gathers the necessary data from inside a Shopware application to find bottlenecks. In addition, Tideways monitoring from your production stack provides valuable information to get a realistic picture of different user and traffic patterns.

Watch a short introductory video showcasing the Shopware Benchmarking tool or check out this example PDF report.

Through quick repetitions of the load-tests, the Shopware 6 benchmarking suite provides you with a very short test, analyze, and improve feedback cycle.

We fit load-testing into your schedule with our Tideways Load-Testing service

Contact us to run a comprehensive, fully customized load-test for your Shopware 6 store, including a performance analysis from one of our PHP and Shopware experts.

Our offer:

  • For a flat fee of 2500,- € we will set up and run 5 full load-tests with different configurations against your live or staging store.
  • In preparation for these tests we do a few shorter exploratory load-tests to find the right configuration for your store.
  • The tests are run over a course of several weeks to allow your engineering and operations team to make adjustments based on the results. 
  • You need an active Tideways subscription, preferably with a Standard license to get the most insights out of this service.
  • Afterwards you can continue to run load-tests based on our configuration yourself, or we run additional tests for you for 300€ / test.

If you are interested contact us [email protected]