Are you on top of your Spryker shop performance?

With Tideways application monitoring you can see what your customers see, no matter what device they use and which campaign leads them to your e-commerce shop.

Quickly spot areas with slower-than-usual load times, and set up real-time alerts to notify you of any errors in your application.

Tideways is keeping a close eye, every minute of every day

Spryker Monitoring

Measure response times, number of requests, and errors on a minute-by-minute basis for each individual language shop, the Zed backend, and for individual endpoints such as your checkout funnel.

Get performance data for PHP, SQL, HTTP, RabbitMQ and Redis layers in your Spryker shop. We store the full distribution of all requests so that you don't miss a single outlier.

Out of the Box Profiler Support

With support Propel, Elasticsearch, Redis and more, Tideways includes instrumentation for all major PHP libraries that Spryker is using, providing deep insights into the performance of individual requests against Spryker shops.

Integrated into the Spryker VM, Tideways is easy to install and automatically starts transmitting data with just a single line of PHP configuration, no code changes necessary. Tideways allows you to track performance of production, staging and all developer environments individually.

This allows your team to catch performance problems before they reach your customers.

All in One Rate

We don't care if you scale up and down dynamically all day long or run with a constant number of hosts. For a fixed all in one rate of 429,- € per month you get all the features of Tideways for your Spryker shop. Staging and Development environments included.

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