Introducing Bottleneck Detection

There are several types of bottlenecks that can be detected automatically in any kind of PHP code, for example: Too many Database Queries, Slow Queries, N+1 Queries, too many HTTP calls. Starting today we detect these bottlenecks for every generated trace and display them directly on the summary page.

Profile BottlenecksProfile Bottlenecks

Furthermore, we are passing this information on to the transaction and application overview screens. This can help you spot transactions with bottlenecks directly.

Transaction BottlenecksTransaction Bottlenecks

Our goal with this feature is to reduce the time you need from detecting the cause of a problem to fixing it. Specificially navigating through large call tables or callgraphs can be annoying and not always easy.

This feature is another step towards automatically detecting as many bottlenecks as possible as quickly as possible for you. We are already working on detecting more problems and will release relevant features in the upcoming weeks.

Benjamin Benjamin 06.11.2014