Benjamin Benjamin 31.08.2018

Adding Spryker Commerce Support

We are happy to announce that our latest version of the Tideways extension (v5.0.22) includes support for the Spryker E-Commerce Platform through fully automated instrumentation and hooks into the core of Spryker. Read More

Benjamin Benjamin 30.08.2018

Black Friday Performance of Magento, Oxid, Shopware shops 2016/2017

With all the customers running Tideways on their Magento, Oxid or Shopware shops I was interested in how in the aggregated average, those shops usually perform on Black Friday compared to the 8 weeks before and the weeks after leading up to Christmas. Read More

Benjamin Benjamin 29.08.2018

Tideways No. 5

A few weeks into year five of the Tideways project we are happy to announce the release of Tideways version 5, including large updates to all parts of the stack from PHP extension, daemon and the user-interface. Ladies and gentlemen, this is Tideways no. 5! Read More

Tobias Tobias 28.08.2018

New: Downstream Service Monitoring

Having detailed response time percentiles and impact analysis for transactions is great. But often it's not the php application that is causing unwanted spikes in response times rather than services used by your application, such as MySQL, redis, HTTP APIs and so on. Read More

Benjamin Benjamin 29.06.2018

The difficulty of Memory Profiling in PHP

Did you ever have a memory leak in your PHP program and couldn't locate the exact source in your code? From my experience with memory profiling in PHP, this is caused by the PHP engine and how it manages memory. Read More