Benjamin Benjamin 04.03.2020

Five Challenges for Running Reliable PHP Background Processes

PHP isn't typically thought of as a solution when creating worker or background processes, jobs that typically can last for an extended period. These can be tasks such as image processing, file repair, and mass email batch jobs. Read More

Benjamin Benjamin 02.03.2020

New Feature: Support for GraphQL Queries in Timeline Profiler

We have just released the PHP Extension version 5.0.62 which includes a new feature, instrumentation for GraphQL queries made using the webonyx/graphql-php package, the most widespread GraphQL server package for PHP, for example by Magento 2. Read More

Benjamin Benjamin 25.02.2020

New Feature: Max Memory Monitoring

The PHP INI setting memory_limit is important to configure right for two reasons: Read More

Benjamin Benjamin 18.02.2020

An Introduction to PHP-FPM Tuning

PHP-FPM (or Fast Process Manager) offers several advantages over mod_php, with two of the most notable being that it is more flexible to configure and currently the preferred mode of running PHP by many in the community. However, if you're using your package manager's default configuration settings, then you're likely not getting the most out of it. Read More

Benjamin Benjamin 04.02.2020

Four Logging Best Practices for Production Applications

Logging is an essential part of just about any PHP-based application; whether in a script or a larger application. However, how little is too little and how much is too much to log? Read More