Benjamin Benjamin 29.05.2020

Video Meetup on Tideways and Wordpress with our hosting partner Seravo

Next week on Thursday June 4th 2020, 13:00 Berlin time our hosting partner Seravo will hold a video meetup on "Dismantle Wordpress Performance Problems with Tideways". Otto from Seravo and I will give you insights in using Tideways for Wordpress sites. Read More

Benjamin Benjamin 04.05.2020

Spring Release: Tracepoints, Callgraphs, Slow SQL Log and Deprecations

We are releasing a new stable minor version of the Tideways PHP extension 5.1 today, which will include a few new features that we have been writing about before and a few new ones that we have cooked up in the last few weeks. Read More

Benjamin Benjamin 04.03.2020

Five Challenges for Running Reliable PHP Background Processes

PHP isn't typically thought of as a solution when creating worker or background processes, jobs that typically can last for an extended period. These can be tasks such as image processing, file repair, and mass email batch jobs. Read More

Benjamin Benjamin 02.03.2020

New Feature: Support for GraphQL Queries in Timeline Profiler

We have just released the PHP Extension version 5.0.62 which includes a new feature, instrumentation for GraphQL queries made using the webonyx/graphql-php package, the most widespread GraphQL server package for PHP, for example by Magento 2. Read More

Benjamin Benjamin 25.02.2020

New Feature: Max Memory Monitoring

The PHP INI setting memory_limit is important to configure right for two reasons: Read More