Flamegraph Feature Preview Christmas Present, Thank you for 2023!

As a Christmas present, we have started rolling out a new feature for the Profiler: flamegraph rendering in addition to the existing Timeline and Callgraph. This is a feature preview and will see more changes in Q1 of 2024. For now, only customers with the most recent plans (Tideways 6) can access them, or you can view them in traces of the „demo“ organization.

Let us know what you think of it!

This also gives you a first insight into our roadmap for 2024, as we plan to build on the flamegraph view to provide profiling information across many traces. We are looking forward to it already!

The Tideways team wishes you merry Christmas, happy holidays and a successful “slide into the new year” as is German custom.

As in previous years, every Tideways employee could choose their own purpose and so we donated 500 € each for

  • Doctors without Borders (German Chapter) is a charity that provides humanitarian medical care
  • Kältehilfe Berlin helps homeless people in Berlin who are threatened by cold or hot weather with food and a bed to sleep in.
  • Zonta Club Bonn – is a service organization with the mission of Building a Better World for Women and Girls, in support of Sustainable Development Goal 5
  • Robin Good is a family fund in Bonn supporting kids and their families that are living in poverty. They provide financial help to pay for school trips, school bags or for other emergencies.
  • ZeSaBo: The charitable Central Warehouse for Donations in Bonn (ZeSaBo) accepts donations and makes them available free of charge to private and institutional customers who care for people in need.
Benjamin Benjamin 21.12.2023