XHProf for PHP7 and PHP8

Self-hosted XHProf (free & opensource)

The original XHProf extension recently found new maintainers and adds PHP 7 & 8 support based on a completely rewritten code-base for less overhead.

You can install xhprof PHP Extension by compiling it from its open-source codes or from a package in your distribution. Head over to the Github repository and download the source from there. You can install the extension using these steps:

git clone "https://github.com/longxinH/xhprof.git"
cd xhprof/extension
sudo make install

Load the extension in your php.ini with extension=xhprof.so.

As for integration of XHProf into your application you can use the low-level API to enable and disable the Profiler:


// your application code

$data = xhprof_disable();
    sys_get_temp_dir() . "/" . uniqid() . ".yourapp.xhprof",

This stores the trace in your temporary directory which the default UI uses to look for data. Install the xhprof_lib and xhprof_html directories from this repository into your webfolder and navigate to xhprof_html/index.php to see a list of trace.

If you want to use some improved open-source UIs take a look at the following projects:

Please check each projects installation notes on how to get the respective UIs running.

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