A single tool for Profiling, Monitoring and Exception Tracking in PHP

Tracing and Timeline Profiler

Timeline Tracing

We collect very low-overhead timeline traces for applications in production giving you full visibility into your code.

Trace SQL Queries

See an anomyized version of each SQL query, how long it takes and when its executed during the request.

Template Engine Support

Discover the performance of template rendering in your requests from engines such as Twig, Smarty 2 & 3, Laravels Blade and others.

Spot Bootstraping Overhead

Tideways knows the internals of common PHP frameworks and can show you bootstrapping overhead such as event dispatching, resource allocation and configuration loading.

N+1 Detection

Automatic detection of repeated queries and http requests helps you fix one of the most dangerous performance bottleneck.

Customize Timeline

Customize the timeline view by instrumenting your frameworks, libraries and own code to add new spans for even more insights.

Callgraph Profiler

Dig deep into detailed callgraphs

When you are debugging performance problems a full callgraph can give detailed insights into every function call of your PHP requests.

View Function Calls

Every function call during a request is listed with inclusive an exclusive wall-time and call count.

Search Traces and Callgraphs

A powerful search interface allows you to find all callgraph traces that match your criteria. Search by transaction name, URLs, servers and more.

Group and Filter by Namespace(s)

Group and filter function calls by namespaces of your code and all the libraries you are using.

Compare Profiles

Start comparing profiles to find the cause for performance regressions and see your progress when improving code step by step.

Application Performance Monitoring

Multiple Applications

You can monitor all of your applications individually with their own response times, traces, deployment and error data.

Monitor Response Times

Inspect graphs with 95% response time and request numbers for your application and all its transactions on a per-minute basis.

Transactions and Endpoints

Tideways collects data based on different transactions in your application and allows you to spot which Controller or Page-Type of your system is slower than the rest.

Minute by Minute Breakdown

Investigate performance spikes with our to-the-minute breakdown of transaction performance, requests, error-rates and all the collected traces.

Weekly Report and History

Get a weekly report of performance trends via e-mail and navigate through the entire history of your applications main performance metrics.

Compare Deployments

Detect performance regressions or new exceptions by comparing before and after deployment metrics.

Get notified immediately when there is an emergency

Search is suddenly slower? Errors increasing on the Checkout page? Configure alerts and notifications to get notified whenever your application is behaving out of the ordinary.

We currently provide integrations with E-Mail, IRC, HipChat and Slack. More integrations are coming soon.

Track Errors to their Source and Fix Them

A high performing website is worthless when failures interrupt your users experience. When a request in your application raises an error or Exception, we provide insight into the cause by logging message and stack trace.

Find and fix errors immediately and your users can enjoy visiting your site.

Built specifically for PHP Applications

PHP is not an afterthought for Tideways, we specifically built this tool for PHP applications and with deep integration and understanding for various popular libraries and frameworks.

If you are missing your favorite library or framework no problem: We are adding more libraries all the time and offer hooks so that you can add custom instrumentation yourself.

  • PHP 5.3 - 5.6, all versions of PHP 7
  • PDO, MySQLi, pgsql
  • cURL, SOAP, Memcache Extensions
  • Shopware
  • Oxid
  • Magento
  • Doctrine ORM
  • Symfony2
  • Zend Framework 1 & 2
  • Laravel
  • Smarty
  • Twig