Profiling & Tracing | Monitoring & Alerting | Exception Tracking

Finding problem spots before your users do

We locate errors before they interrupt the user’s experience. Get notified of errors as they happen and track them to their source. No more unexpected surprises.

Track Errors and Exceptions

Tideways automatically collects errors and exceptions from your application including error message, stacktrace and other context information.

Error Aggregation

By automatically grouping errors with the same stacktrace into an error aggregate, you can easily see how often the same error happens.


Every error is automatically collected with a full stacktrace, pinpointing the exact location and code path that lead to the error.

View Code Context of Errors

You can optionally let Tideways collect the code context around stacktraces to immediately spot the cause of a bug from the UI. Comments and Strings are automatically anonymized for privacy reasons.

Resolve or Ignore Errors

Errors and Exceptions are part of a workflow where you can resolve or ignore a group of errors to track which problems are already fixed.

Notifications about Errors

Tideways sends notifications about errors and exceptions that are new, re-opened or re-appeared after a release. Notifications can be sent via e-Mail, Slack, Microsoft Teams, Webhooks and others.

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