Our commitment to Open-Source

Tideways is built on top of quality Open-Source software and we consider it a given to support open-source projects with either time or financial contributions.

We are a founding member of the PHP Foundation to promote and advance the PHP language.

We are sponsoring Derick and the development of Xdebug as a Business Sponsor. Xdebug is an extension for PHP to assist with debugging and development.

PHPUnit from Sebastian is an important part of our toolbox at Tideways to write unit and integration tests. We are sponsoring the development of PHPUnit, because we want to support its long term maintenance.

We are contributing to the development, maintenance and organization of Doctrine.

The DOM Living Standard RFC and the Attributes RFC were contributed to PHP 8.0 by Tideways employees on Tideways time. Additionally Benjamin actively participates in discussions, reviews and the RFC process. We have built the PHP RFC Watch project to make the RFC process more easily available to the community.

Tideways is a premium sponsor of bref, a serverless runtime for PHP on AWS Lambda.