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Don’t lose revenue to slow load times

Experience what your customers see through application monitoring. Quickly spot areas with slower-than-usual load times, and set up real-time alerts to notify you of any errors in your application.

A slow SQL Query log that pinpoints where to optimize

Know exactly where in the code slow SQL Queries are executed to identify plugins and functions to optimize.
Stacktraces point to the PHP file and line that a query was run, including the visited URL and controller.

All Monitoring & Alerting Features

Monitor Project Performance

You can monitor all of your applications individually with their own response times, traces, deployment and error data in projects.

Analyze Response Times, Memory

Inspect graphs with 95% response time and request numbers for your application and all its transactions on a per-minute basis.

Transaction and Endpoint Monitoring

Tideways collects data based on different transactions in your application such as Controller Actions. For supported frameworks these are detected automatically without code changes.

Minute by Minute Breakdown

Investigate performance spikes with our to-the-minute breakdown of transaction performance, requests, error-rates and all the collected traces.

Weekly Report and History

Follow Performance Trends of your Project with the weekly report and the historical performance data.

Compare Release Performance

Detect performance regressions or new exceptions by comparing before and after deployment metrics.

Full Distribution of Response Times

Tideways stores all response time data in histograms, making the full distribution of every response duration visible. Understand how outliers affect the performance without getting mislead by average response time numbers.

Response and Error Rate Alerting

Get notified when response times or error rates exceed the normal levels so that you can concentrate on development while Tideways has your back.

HTTP Status Code Monitoring

See at a glance the HTTP Status codes that all requests are responding with to understand how the application responds to changing request patterns.

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