You pay for observability into your applications - no arbitrary server, user or request limits

  • Basic
  • 89 € / application / month
    • All APM features
    • Unlimited hosts and requests[1]
    • 3 days data retention
    • Includes 25 collected traces/minute
      (15€ for each 25 traces extra)
    • Trigger 25 000 traces with callgraph manually every month
    • Includes 1 additional non-production environment
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  • Standard
  • 159 € / application / month
    • All APM features
    • Unlimited hosts and requests[1]
    • 14 days data retention
    • Includes 50 collected traces/minute
      (20€ for each 25 traces extra)
    • Trigger 50 000 traces with callgraph manually every month
    • Includes 3 additional non-production environments
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  • Lite
  • 39 € / application / month
    • Limited APM features[2]
    • Unlimited hosts and requests[1]
    • 24 hours data retention
    • Includes 5 collected traces/minute
    • Trigger 10 000 traces with callgraph manually every month
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[1] You can install Tideways on as many development, staging or production hosts as you want. Monitoring an unlimited amount of requests is possible through pre-aggregating data on each daemon and inside collection proxies before data reaches our backend. For setups with over 2 hosts (lite) 5 hosts (basic) or 10 hosts (standard) a soft-limit applies, where we require you to use a dedicated collection proxy to continue collecting all monitoring data from additional hosts. You can install and operate the proxy yourself on-premise (free) or we can host it for you (199€/month). Otherwise collection gets throttled down to the host limit. Collection proxies hosted by us can be re-used for all applications within the same organization.

[2] The Lite plan only contains limited APM (Application Performance Management) functionality. The following features are *not* included in the Lite plan: Transaction-level histograms and percentiles (only averages), CLI script and worker monitoring, multi-service and environment monitoring, detailed deployment tracking, notifications, REST-API.

High-level Tracing Profiler Yes Yes Yes Yes
Callstack Profiler for PHP 1 000 traces/month 10 000 traces/month 25 000 traces/month 50 000 traces/month
Detailed SQL Profiling Yes Yes Yes Yes
Application and Transaction Monitoring 24 hours retention,
transaction data limited
24 hours retention,
transaction data limited
3 days retention 14 days retention
Request Limits Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Host/Server Limits 1 server 2 servers
unlimited with proxy
5 servers
unlimited with proxy
10 servers
unlimited with proxy
Sampled Transaction Tracing 1 trace per minute 5 traces per minute 25 traces per minute
Extra 25 traces are 15€ each
50 traces per minute
Extra 25 traces are 20€ each
Multiple Services Yes Yes
CLI/Background Worker monitoring Yes Yes
Multiple Environments Includes
1 environment
3 environments
Error and Exception Tracking Yes Yes Yes
Deployment and Event Tracking Basic Yes Yes
Historical View 2 weeks 6 weeks 6 months 15 months
Notifications and Integrations Yes Yes
Teams Yes
Monthly Price per Application 19 €/month 39 €/month 89 €/month 159 €/month
Start Free Trial

30 days trial, no credit card necessary to get started


You have a lot of control what kind of requests Tideways is monitoring or tracing. By default Tideways runs on all web based requests (PHP-FPM, Apache or CGI SAPIs) with a sample rate of 25% to run detailed tracing and the other 75% to just collect basic monitoring data.

You can customize the trace collection to your needs with different configuration flags or even with PHP code if you need more flexibility. For example you can enable monitoring or tracing in CLI or in worker scripts.

When a request is monitored the only information collected is about the transaction type and how long it took from start to end. This data is aggregated to describe the full distribution of all response times for every transaction.

When a request is traced, then the result is send to the daemon for re-sampling based on its response time, service and transaction and your traces/minute limit.

How do you define an application?

We charge per application which makes the definition of what an application is in Tideways pretty relevant. An application is either a monolithic or multi-service code-base that you as a user are interested in tracking individual performance data for. An application is comprised of one or multiple services that provide different so-called transactions (could be page-types, endpoints, urls, scripts, workers...).

There are soft limits of 10 active services and 1000 active transactions in place currently and exceeding them may lead to some truncation. We are working on increasing limits and dynamic re-allocation of those limits based on usage (dropping old or low-traffic services and transactions).

Can I mix different plans inside one organization/account?

Yes, you can mix applications with different plans inside one organization/account. This allows you to flexibily choose different features, retention and visibility depending of the kind of monitoring and profiling insights that you need for every application.

You pick a plan with a traces/minute threshold for your application. For the basic and standard plan you can increase the traces/minute limit as high as you need. Tideways then uses this limit to sample traces inside the daemons running on all of your application hosts. The daemon then decides which traces to keep based on several criteria such as response time, type of transaction, last seen trace of the transaction. This decision criteria are continously optimized to achieve the highest possible visibility into your application.

With the configured sample rate in the Tideways PHP extension, you control how many traces the daemon can take into account when re-sampling. A sample rate in the extension that collects more traces/minute than your limit is not wasteful, because

A Tideways trace contains detailed event information about framework calls, SQL queries, HTTP requests, caches, NoSQL databases and other external systems.

Monitoring systems collect a vast amount of data and this has a huge effect on processing and storage costs. To provide you with an affordable product, we limit the amount of time that we store monitoring and tracing data for, because from our customer surveys we know that you are much more interested in recent data, than historical data. Data that is older than the retention of your application is automatically purged. We aggregate high-level monitoring data into a historical view to allow comparison with old versions of your application in the past.

The standard plan includes 14 days of data retention for monitoring, tracing, error and event data collected from your servers. The basic plan has a limit of 3 days and lite and staging applications only store up to a limit of 1 day.

Callgraph profiles and Timeline traces manually triggered with the Cloud Profiler by a developer are always stored for 30 days. These profiles are counted towards an organization wide limit which depends on the number and type of applications. With the Profiler plus upgrade you get extra callgraph traces and the storage is increased to 60 days.

There are server limits for our monitoring plans starting at 1 for staging, 2 for lite and 5 for basic and 10 for standard that automatically take effect when you collect from more than this number of servers. We will be throttling the traffic from additional servers and may even reject data from some of them.

To enable monitoring from an unlimited amount of servers, you will need to operate a pre-aggregation proxy between Tideways backend and your servers. You can install this proxy on-premise in your own datacenter or let us host it for you. Our hosting partners can also provide a proxy in their hosting environment.

Running a proxy on-premise in your datacenter is free once we have a version ready for the public. Until then we are running proxies on our infrastructure to get more experience with different workloads and customer setups. During this testing phase in the next months hosted proxies will be free of charge. Afterwards we offer a hosted license for 199€/month that can be used for all applications in an organization.

If you have at least one lite, basic or standard application, then you can order additional staging license applications that have very limited functionality, retention and observability.

Yes, if you need more long-term contracts with a fixed scope of traces please send an e-mail to [email protected] so that we can discuss the details.

At the moment we only accept credit-cards for the one month contracts.

As a company located in Germany, Austria or Switzerland we accept payment by direct bank transfer through SEPA, but only if your monthly invoice amount is larger than 150€.

All prices are excluding VAT. We are based in Germany, which means that you have to pay VAT if you are based in Europe. Our payment provider handles European reverse charge VAT process. Please be aware that for regulatory reasons we cannot sell Tideways to consumers living in Europe, you must provide a valid EU VAT number if you order from a European country.

International customers (Non-European-Union) do not have to pay VAT/sales tax.

Yes, we can offer you considerable discounts if you are a registered non-profit organization (NGO) or education institution in the US or Europe and match our criteria. Please get in contact for more information.

All data is sent to our servers using SSL encryption. We follow a "safe by default" policy and only transmit data that cannot contain personal data of your website users. Activating features which send additional data always explain potential risks.

On top of that you are in full control which additional data you want to send yourself.

We are hosting Tideways in SysEleven's datacenters located in Berlin, Germany.

By default the Tideways monitoring software is implemented in a way that is not processing personal data from your users on our servers. Any potentially personal data gets filtered by our software installed directly on your servers, and because personal data is never leaving your control, Tideways is not a data-processor as defined by the GDPR.

However Tideways provides you with (optional) features that allow sending personal data to our servers, for example e-mail or IP-addresses, to allow correlating them with performance or error data from your application. We recommend not to send this data to us, but in case you do Tideways becomes a data-processor, and we require you to sign our DPA.

If you dont send us personal data through these features explicitly, you are safe by default. We offer to enter a data processing agreement with you if you need or put your account into a lockdown mode that aggressively filters data from error and profiling data.