You pay for increased realtime observability into your applications - no arbitrary server, user or request limits

  • Basic
  • 89 € / application / month

    All realtime application monitoring, profiling and exception tracking features

    • 5 days of data retention
    • up to 10 realtime traces per minute
    • endpoint monitoring includes average response times, requests, error-rate
    • separately track endpoints in up to 2 different groups or services
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  • Standard
  • 159 € / application / month

    All realtime application monitoring, profiling and exception tracking features

    • 14 days of data retention
    • up to 25 realtime traces per minute
    • endpoint monitoring includes all metrics in Basic plus percentiles and histograms
    • separately track endpoints in up to 5 different groups or services
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  • Pro
  • 429 € / application / month

    All realtime application monitoring, profiling and exception tracking features

    • 30 days of data retention
    • up to 100 realtime traces per minute
    • endpoint monitoring includes all metrics in Standard plus SQL/downstream layers and alerting
    • separately track endpoints in up to 15 different groups or services
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Breakdown of Features

Application Monitoring & Metrics 5 days retention 14 days retention 30 days retention
Breakdown Application Performance by Layer Yes Yes Yes
Endpoint Monitoring Yes Yes Yes
Endpoint Monitoring with Percentiles & Histograms Yes Yes
Breakdown Endpoint Performance by Layer Yes
Separately Group Endpoints into Services Up to 2 different services Up to 5 different services Up to 15 different services
Endpoint Limit 500 1000 5000
Staging/Development Environment Monitoring Yes Yes Yes
Historical View 6 months 15 months Unlimited
Weekly Report E-Mail Yes Yes Yes
Cronjob and Worker monitoring Yes Yes Yes
Alerts, Notifications and Integrations Yes Yes Yes
Endpoint Alerting Yes Yes
Throttling when not using Proxy for unlimited hosts After 5 hosts
After 10 hosts After 20 hosts
Manually Trigger Profiler with Function and Callgraph Details Yes Yes Yes
Continuous Profiling of Regular Site Traffic Yes Yes Yes
Trace Sampling up to 10 traces/minute up to 25 traces/minute up to 100 traces/minute
Trace Retention 5 days 14 days 30 days
Priority Tracing based on Endpoints Yes Yes Yes
Priority Tracing based on Custom Variables Yes
Memory Profiler Yes Yes Yes
Error and Exception Tracking Yes Yes Yes
Retention of Error/Exception Data 5 days 14 days 30 days
History of Stacktraces and Context Yes Yes Yes
Code Context for Errors/Exceptions Yes Yes Yes
Deployment and Event Tracking Yes Yes Yes
REST API Yes Yes Yes
Spryker Support Yes


You have a lot of control what kind of requests Tideways is monitoring or tracing. By default Tideways runs on all web based requests (PHP-FPM, Apache or CGI SAPIs) with a sample rate of 25% to run detailed tracing and the other 75% to just collect basic monitoring data.

You can customize the trace collection to your needs with different configuration flags or even with PHP code if you need more flexibility. For example you can enable monitoring or tracing in CLI or in worker scripts.

When a request is monitored the only information collected is about the transaction type and how long it took from start to end. This data is aggregated to describe the full distribution of all response times for every transaction.

When a request is traced, then the result is send to the daemon for re-sampling based on its response time, service and transaction and your traces/minute limit.

Is every micro-service another application in my micro-service architecture?

No, an application can be a monolithic or micro-service code-base. You can separate traffic between services in a "Tideways application". You could think of a Tideways application as your project.

Can I mix different plans inside one organization/account?

Yes, you can mix applications with different plans inside one organization/account. This gives you flexibility to choose different visibility and retention depending of the importance of the application.

Monitoring systems collect a vast amount of data and this has a huge effect on processing and storage costs. To provide you with an affordable product, we limit the amount of time that we store monitoring and tracing data for, because from our customer surveys we know that you are much more interested in recent data, than historical data. Data that is older than the retention of your application is automatically purged. We aggregate high-level monitoring data into a historical view to allow comparison with old versions of your application in the past.

There are server limits for our monitoring plans starting at 1 for lite, 5 for basic, 10 for standard and 25 for pro licenses that automatically take effect when you collect from more than this number of hosts. We will be throttling the traffic from additional hosts and may even reject data from some of them.

To enable monitoring from an unlimited amount of servers, you will need to operate the aggregation proxy between Tideways backend and your servers. You can install this proxy on-premise in your own datacenter as a package from our package repositories. Several of our hosting partners also provide a proxy in their hosting environment automatically.

Running a proxy on-premise in your datacenter is free, no additional costs apply.

Yes, besides the Tideways Realtime Profiler with Monitoring and Exception Tracking you can also choose to buy the Tideways Profiler for Developers. This plan includes the full Profiler functionality with only a preview of the realtime monitoring, profiling and exception tracking functionality, but usually enough for non-critical applications that run on a single production host.

Yes, all contracts can also be made yearly including a one month discount compared to monthly pricing.

At the moment we only accept credit-cards for the one month contracts.

As a company located in Germany, Austria or Switzerland we accept payment by wire transfer if you subscribe to a yearly plan.

All prices are excluding VAT. We are based in Germany, which means that you have to pay VAT if you are based in Europe. Our payment provider handles European reverse charge VAT process. Please be aware that for regulatory reasons we cannot sell Tideways to consumers living in Europe, you must provide a valid EU VAT number if you order from a European country.

International customers (Non-European-Union) do not have to pay VAT/sales tax.

Yes, we can offer you considerable discounts if you are a registered non-profit organization (NGO) or education institution in the US or Europe and match our criteria. Please get in contact for more information.

All data is sent to our servers using SSL encryption. We follow a "safe by default" policy and only transmit data that cannot contain personal data of your website users. Activating features which send additional data always explain potential risks.

On top of that you are in full control which additional data you want to send yourself.

We follow the European Data Privacy Regulation (GDPR) and our privacy policy includes all third party processors we work with and what data they process for what reason. In addition we sign data processing agreements (DPA) (German: Auftragsdatenverarbeitungsvertrag) with you if necessary.

We are hosting Tideways in SysEleven's datacenters located in Berlin, Germany.