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Tideways saves you time by taking the guesswork out of your app’s backend performance. Gain detailed insights, spot performance bottlenecks, and get real-time error detection alerts.

Spend more time shipping and less time stuck on bottlenecks.

Experience your application from the customer’s point of view. Your team can find broken code, see where slow load times occur, and get notified when an error is detected or a page crashes – all from within one tool.


Monitoring + Alerting

See where there’s room to improve your app’s user experience through detailed performance insights. Spot changes in trends over time and get alerted whenever something’s not right.



Gain full visibility into your code to uncover any slowdowns via traces – collected every minute – or trigger traces yourself for any request that you need more information on.

Error + Exception Tracking

Error + Exception Tracking

Identify and create fixes for issues caused by new or previously unseen fatal errors and uncaught exceptions.

Built with PHP in mind

Tideways was created for PHP and integrates perfectly with various popular libraries and frameworks, with more being added all the time.

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700+ customers worldwide trust Tideways to improve their application’s performance.

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