Tideways renews its commitment to sponsoring the PHP Foundation

As a founding member and major contributor to the success of the PHP Foundation, Tideways sponsored the Foundation with 12,000 USD in 2023.

As a member of the administrative board of the PHP Foundation, the advancement of the open source language PHP is key for us. In the founding year, we supported the Foundation with 10,000 USD and followed this up in 2022 with another 15,000 USD. As a major sponsor, it is our declared goal to uphold our commitment to PHP and the foundation.

Since it was established in 2021, the Foundation has been able to raise 1.2 million USD to continue the development of PHP. 

Compared to the past, when only two or three people were earning a salary to work on the PHP language, the funds have now enabled the Foundation to pay 10 skilled people to work as official PHP developers. A great success!

The Foundation is looking for sponsors to join more than 1,600 donors to contribute to the future of PHP.

Diana Diana 02.02.2024