Tideways 2022.4 Release

This post contains a comprehensive list of all the features that we worked on and deployed over the last 3 months, all included in this 2022.4 release.

PHP Extension

We have released PHP extension version 5.5.12 with the following changes:

PHP 8.2 Support

The end of the year brings another new PHP version 8.2, due to be released on 7th December 2022. Tideways is already fully compatible with PHP 8.2.

This is the first PHP release that includes work sponsored by the PHP Foundation. Tideways is a major sponsor of the foundation and we are very proud to support the PHP language by funding developers to work on it. In fact we have increased our support to $15.000 this year.

One notable change in PHP 8.2 that affects Tideways is the improvement of the Observer API to include internal functions, which should further reduce the overhead of Tideways in Callgraph mode.


Rename “Errors “to “Failures”

The “Errors “metric used in Tideways’s monitoring, weekly report, and history components is now named “Failures”.

This is done primarily to avoid confusion with the Errors/Exception Tracking due to slightly different semantics.

“Failures “in the monitoring component can either be:

  • Requests aborted by Exceptions or Fatal Errors
  • Requests sending an HTTP status code of 500 or above (without exception)

Default Service of new projects is now “app”

Previously the first and default service of a new project was called “web “.

We changed this default to “app “for all new projects created since October. Existing projects will keep “web “as their default service if in use.

This rename is due to a change in the service feature we are currently preparing and to increase clarity for users.

Splunk OnCall (VictorOps) support for alerting

Customers can now integrate with Splunk OnCall (formerly VictorOps) to send notifications.

Documentation: Splunk OnCall


Filter Traces by specific Day

In addition to selecting traces by pre-defined ranges such as “Last Day “or “Last 7 days “, users can now filter traces by a specific day.

Account Management

Two-Factor Authentication

Tideways now supports adding Two-Factor Authentication to user accounts. In addition, organization admins can require all members of an organization to use Two-Factor authentication for access.
Documentation: Two-Factor Authentication

Single Sign On with Azure Active Directory

Tideways now supports Azure Active Directory SSO. Contact [email protected] to get access to this feature.
Documentation: Azure AD SSO

Improve Settings Visibility for all members of an organization

The current settings of an organization and its projects are now visible to regular and privileged users. This helps users to understand how Tideways is configured so that they know when and how to ask an admin for changes.

Benjamin Benjamin 30.11.2022