Ship yourselves to the Shopware Community UnConference in Cologne, sponsor Tideways is on board!

Mark March 23rd and 24th 2024 in your calendars – use bold letters or your personal color scheme, highlight those days in every way you might please – it’s time for the Shopware Community UnConference again!

Tideways will be part of the party, as sponsor, but also as an actively involved company. We are looking forward to meeting friends and business partners, establishing new contacts and relationships and debating topics that are at the heart of the participants. That is what the Shopware Community UnConference, organized by FireGento e. V., is all about: it’s called an UnConference because no predefined schedule inhibits creativity, no specially invited speaker sets the course. The openness to suggestions is what makes it different. This grassroots approach is what sets this event apart and makes it special.

The atmosphere is also special, there is time for delectable food – sponsored by Tideways like in the past two years – and delicious coffee, and also for a pre-party and an aftershow party. Sometimes these are the events when real networking takes place and lasting memories are made.

Benjamin, Marie and Diana are happy to see you in Cologne!

Diana Diana 15.02.2024