Adding CakePHP Support for CakeFest

For this years CakeFest in Amsterdam we have finally finished native support for both CakePHP 2 and 3 in Tideways. First, we have added automatic transaction/endpoint detection based on Controller and Actions as you can see in this screenshot where we are viewing a trace for AppControllerPagesController::display of the open source project stillmaintained.

Furthermore Tideways automatically detects a span with the duration of each controller:

And it detects the duration of how long a CakePHP Template was rendered:

Finally, dispatched events happing inside CakePHP applications are detected and rendered into the timeline similar to event support for many other frameworks. You can see an example with Dispatcher.beforeDispatch and Controller.startup in the timeline above .

With support for PDO, MySQL(i) and PgSQL already baked into Tideways you now get a comprehensive view of how your CakePHP based applications are performing.

If you want to test CakePHP support drop us a note at [email protected] and we give you access to the beta version (v4.0.5) of the PHP extension. If you can wait a bit, the stable version will be released next week.

Benjamin Benjamin 27.05.2016