Adding Spryker Commerce Support

We are happy to announce that our latest version of the Tideways extension (v5.0.22) includes support for the Spryker E-Commerce Platform through fully automated instrumentation and hooks into the core of Spryker.

With the complexity of a large E-Commerce project, different channels, multiple language stores and landingpages for campaigns it is especially difficult to get a full view of the performance and errors from within your software as a project manager, developer or system administrator.

Tideways instrumentation automatically groups requests for either Zed (backend) and Yves (frontend) services and separatly tracks the performance for each Spryker Store so that you can excatly find out which store and page is slow.

Transaction/Endpoint names based on the different pages in Spryker are automatically detected and allow you to find out which pages of your e-commerce funnel need optimiziation.

With the weekly report you get all this performance information on Monday morning, including details about medium and long term trends of the performance.

Did you find a slow endpoint? With The Tideways Profiler you can immediately see the causes of slow pages looking at individual SQL, Redis or Elasticsearch queries, Propel ORM commands, Controllers or Twig Templates.

Tideways also integrates with the Spryker Vagrant VM to provide a unique out of the box experience for developers that can automatically view performance and profiling data on their development environment separated from the production data.

You can start a 30 days trial to test Tideways with your Spryker shop.

Benjamin Benjamin 31.08.2018