PHP Extension 5.10.0 released

  • Improvement: Stacktraces attached to Spans now start at so-called “vendor boundaries” instead of the function that is actually instrumented to prevent deeply-nested library wrappers from pushing the application stackframes over the tideways.backtrace_limit. An example would be curl_exec() being called inside of Guzzle’s middleware stack. Now the stacktrace will be cut at outermost call to Guzzle’s request() method. The default value of tideways.stack_threshold has been reduced to 3000ms to generate more stack traces and the default value tideways.backtrace_limit has been reduced to 5 to counter-balance the increase in payload size.
  • Improvement: The timer used for measurements now uses PHP’s hrtime() timer for PHP 7.3+. Going forward the INI setting tideways.clock_source is only used for PHP 7.2.
  • Improvement: Callgraph argument capture for regular expressions with the /x modifier now strips whitespace to show more useful parts of the regular expression.
  • Improvement: Span events now include memory usage data.
  • Bugfix: Fix possible crash in Callgraph when first-class callables are used.
  • Bugfix: Registering a dynamic callback using Profiler::watch() or Profiler::watchCallback() for functions that are already instrumented is no longer allowed.
  • Bugfix: Fix MongoDB instrumentation memory leak if Tideways is started multiple times during a single request, for example in long-running worker scripts.
  • Bugfix: Parameter types of the \Tideways\Profiler and \Tideways\Profiler\Span methods are now unconditionally validated, resulting in consistent error reporting behavior independent of whether Tideways is running in tracing mode or not.
  • Bugfix: Manually handling Tideways’ lifecycle with Profiler::start() and Profiler::stop(), for example with FrankenPHP’s worker mode or long-running queue workers, will now send the PHPInfo payload during Profiler::stop(), resulting in more accurate data.
  • Bugfix: Self-recursive Closures are now correctly handled in the Callgraph, if tideways.features.closure_naming is active.


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