PHP Extension 5.4.36

NOTE: We have gotten reports from at least one customer on older versions Ubuntu/Debian running a GLIBC  version that is not compatible with our updated Build server. We are looking into this. Please downgrade to 5.4.34 if you are seeing the error: “relocation error: /path/to/ symbol clock_gettime version GLIBC_2.2.5 not defined in file with link time reference”

  • New Feature: Add callgraph argument capturing instrumentation for Shopware 6 Data Abstraction Layer (DAL)
  • New Feature: Spans created with `Tideways\Profiler::createSpan()` are now assigned to a category “Custom”
  • New Feature: Exception::getCode is now transmitted as part of exception tracking and rendered in the UI.
  • New Feature: Added function `Tideways\Profiler::markAsWebTransaction()` for applications that respond to web requests through the “cli” SAPI, for example with RoadRunner.
  • Improvement: Elasticsearch search query payloads longer than 4000 chars are now truncated to decrease serialization/network overhead.
  • Improvement: For requests to Spryker Glue API the service and transaction names are now detected automatically
  • Bugfix: Official Docker PHP Debian container setups are automatically detected during .deb package installation


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