PHP Extension 5.5.2

  • New Feature: Improve information to keep in a truncated SQL statement (Docs)
  • New Feature: Correctly detect transaction names of Shopware 6 requests that use HTTP cache
  • Bugfix: Symfony Event Listener instrumentation not working since Symfony version 4.1
  • Bugfix: Symfony transaction detection not working for controllers represented as array in ControllerResolver
  • Bugfix: Change tideways.sql_long_query_time_ms to PHP_INI_ALL
  • Bugfix: HTTP calls to different domains using curl multi calls are not batched incorrectly anymore
  • Bugfix: Automatic Laravel exception detection not working anymore in vesions 7, 8, 9. Added large scale functional tests.
  • Bugfix: Installation on Debian/Ubuntu based Plesk systems detects installations correctly again


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