PHP Extension 5.9.2 released

  • New Feature: Automated instrumentation of WoltLab Suite.
  • Bugfix: Fix possible crash when using Profiler::watchCallback() with the magic __call() and __callStatic() methods.
  • Bugfix: The retrieval of tracepoints from the daemon now reliably takes tideways.timeout into account. Previously some requests might have used a timeout of 0, leading to spurious failures in tracepoint retrieval.
  • Bugfix: Dynamic tracepoints are now reliably retrieved from the daemon before the processing of the first transaction. Previously they were only available starting with the second transaction.
  • Bugfix: Tracepoint retrieval on the CLI is now implicitly disabled when tideways.enable_cli=0. Previously the tideways.dynamic_tracepoints.elevated_sample_rate would still apply on CLI if any tracepoints were available, implicitly bypassing tideways.enable_cli=0.


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