PHP Extension v4.0.5 Release

We have released a new version of the PHP extension (v4.0.5) which includes the following new features:

  • cURL Multi Instrumentation by hooking into curl_multi_add_handle and curl_multi_remove_handle. This automatically means we are now instrumenting all versions of Guzzle HTTP Client, which is making heavy use of the cURL multi API.

  • Elasticsearch PHP Instrumentation with information about queried index and type. The actual search query is not yet tracked, but we are working on this for one of the next versions.

  • Instrumentation for the new MongoDB extension, in addition to the already existing support for the legacy Mongo extension.

  • Instrumenting PDO connections, which allows to see the number of database connections and which databases the request is connected to.

  • Instrumentation for APC(u) userland cache APIs

  • Improved Laravel support by instrumenting Eloquent ORM models and queries.

  • Yii and Yii2 support with transaction name detection, event listener and and view engine instrumentation.

  • CakePHP 2 and 3 support with transaction name detection, event listener and view engine instrumentation.

  • Phalcon event listener and view instrumentation, but no transaction name detection.

  • Added logging feature that allows to debug problems or errors when using Tideways with new tideways.log_level INI flag that uses the users configured error_log to collect information on tideways. Defaults to absolutely no logging by default.