Release of Daemon v1.5.18

We skipped a bunch of internal releases to add several changes into a new version of the daemon:

  • Bugfix: Calculating the error count per transaction didn’t happen in all cases, underestimating the error count per transaction. This was fixed.
  • Bugfix: Using --proxy with a username + password didn’t always work. Using a new feature of Go 1.8 to work around it.
  • Bugfix: Stacktraces where eval was part of any frame were dropped.
  • Bugfix: Stop daemon before uninstalling in the RPM (CentOS/RedHat).
  • Improvement: Add support for storing which service an error occured in.
  • Improvement: Change internal serialization format for our histogram datatype to optimize space.
  • Feature: Fingerprint errors based on the whole stacktrace, not only on the last file+line. This helps create different error groupings in the UI, when errors occured at different places in the code, but are triggered by the same exception throw file+line.