Release of PHP Extension 5.0.62

  • Improvement: Shopware 6 support improved to include automatic “api” service detection
  • Improvement: Add tideways.features.custom_spans INI feature flag.
  • Improvement: Correctly detect Magento2 controller when forward action is used
  • Improvement: Correctly detect Laravel controllers when not extending IlluminateRoutingController
  • Feature: Add support for Magento2 Webapi transaction detection
  • Feature: Add support for Credis_Client as Redis client
  • Feature: Add support for exception tracking in Magento2 Webapi, GraphQL
  • Feature: Add support for webonyx/graphql used in Magento 2, APIPlatform (Blogpost)
  • Bugfix: Magento2 listeners were incorrectly using observer class as name
  • Bugfix: Add extra NULL checks in tracing instrumentation code that could potentially lead to crash without the check.