Release of PHP Extension v5.0.24

  • Feature: Instead of “default” transaction name we now always use the basename of SCRIPT_FILENAME as transaction name, which massively increases visibility with framework-less applications and with CLI scripts.

  • Feature: Spans of the same category are now automatically batched together if they are not longer than 0,5ms and not more than 0,5ms apart from each other.

  • Feature: Add automatic instrumentation for pecl/phpredis and pecl/amqplib

  • Feature: Add automatic instrumentation for Propel 2 & 3 (similar to existing Doctrine+Eloquent instrumentation)

  • Bugfix: Keep Context on Exceptions and Errors. Annotations set by the user on a span during monitoring mode are now kept so that they can be included in a trace, when it gets upgraded to error trace

  • Bugfix: Stacktraces on fatal errors were missing as of v5.0.18

  • Bugfix: Calling TidewaysProfiler::setTransactionName multiple times now uses the transaction of the last call, not the first call.