Release of PHP Extension v5.0.52

  • Bugfix: Stream Instrumentation supported only http:// streams, now https:// are supported as well.
  • Bugfix: Spans of type Elasticsearch were not aggregated into HTTP downstream performance in monitoring mode.
  • Bugfix: Debian/DEB installer did not detect all Plesk PHP installations
  • Bugfix: During PHP Request shutdown, when spans of the trace were still open PHP could crash in rare cases.
  • Feature: Add option to log C stacktraces when a segfault occurs via tideways.log_segfaults INI setting or TIDEWAYS_LOG_PHPSEGFAULT Environment variable.
  • Feature: Add instrumentation for gRPC calls made with Google’s gRPC PHP Extension as outgoing HTTP requests.
  • Feature: Allow configuration of tideways-daemon connection with environment variable TIDEWAYS_CONNECTION
  • Improvement: phpinfo() tideways section now shows if communciation to tideways-daemon works
  • Improvement: phpinfo() tideways section now shows troubleshootng details
  • Improvement: TidewaysProfiler::createSpan() now automatically starts a timer and Span::startTimer() becomes a no-op.
  • Improvement: Symfony Transaction detection improved to work with objects as controllers using __invoke