Release of Tideways Daemon 1.6.10

  • Feature: Add support for deprecation logging in daemon when compatible PHP extension (>=5.1.10) used.
  • Feature: Add support for callgraph tracepoints running for a few minutes before deactivated instead of deactivating when the first callgraph is found.
  • Feature: Add support for slow SQL logging in daemon when compatible PHP extension (>= 5.1.10) used.
  • Feature: Use TIDEWAYS_ENVIRONMENT variable for environment name selection if present
  • Feature: On automatically detect environment based on PLATFORM_BRANCH variable
  • Feature: Add flag –force-cli-sapi-service to always use “cli” service for requests from PHP CLI SAPI.
  • Bugfix: Limit exception stacktrace size to 100 to avoid spamming backend with huge backtraces.