Release of Tideways PHP Extension 5.3.6

  • Bugfix: Support for http.status annotation on PHP 8 was not working anymore due to $http_response_header removal
  • Bugfix: For some types of spans when reaching soft memory limit disabling the tracer would not work and create repeated “mem-limit” events.
  • Bugfix: PHP 8.0 build for Alpine was not included in archive
  • Bugfix: Yii Redis instrumentation stored executed Redis command wrongly leading to rendering error on UI
  • Improvement: Improve Autoloading layer computation
  • Improvement: Autoloading and Compiling times are now dedicated nodes in the Callgraph
  • Improvement: Include stream/resource based functions such as fopen/fgets/fclose in File I/O layer metric if performed on file streams.
  • Improvement: Include file_get_contents/file_put_contents in File I/O layer metric if performed on file streams.
  • New Feature (Beta): Process X-Request-Start header if tideways.features.http_xrequeststart=1 (off by default during beta).
  • New Feature (Beta): Pass User Agent to daemon if tideways.features.http_useragent=1 (off by default during beta)


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