Renaming Errors to Failures in Monitoring

Both the Monitoring and the Exception Tracking features of Tideways have always presented „Errors“, regularly confusing users because they are counted slightly differently in each module.

  • In Monitoring, an Error can either be a request with an Exception or a request returning a Status Code >= 500 without an Exception.
  • In Exception Tracking, an Error is an Uncaught Exception or an Exception caught at the framework level.

As such users can see „Errors“ in Monitoring even though there are no corresponding Exceptions in the Errors module.

To resolve this confusion, the Monitoring feature of Tideways now uses „Failures“ instead of „Errors“.

The following screens and modules are affected:

  • Errors and Error Rate in the service and transaction monitoring details screens now called „Failures“ and „Failure Rate“.
  • The „Error Rate“ notification is now called „Failure Rate“ notification.
  • History screen and weekly report e-mail now report „Failures“.