Tideways Daemon 1.7.12 released

This is a new minor release of the tideways-daemon service and prepares the support for a few new features to be released in the next weeks and fixes a few bugs.

  • New Feature: Daemon collects selective phpinfo settings based on php process groups (php-fpm-pools, cli, …)
  • New Feature: Compute observations based on PHP configuration and runtime metrics.
  • New Feature: Retry Mechanism to re-transmitted monitoring and trace data after backend outage (opt-in with –retry-on-network-failure)
  • Improvement: Daemon reports its own memory usage to Tideways backend for quality of service and debugging purposes
  • Bugfix: Not accidentally collecting data with “web” anymore if its not the default or inactive
  • Bugfix: when redacting login secrets from URLs in error messages, sometimes also host and path information were removed
  • Bugfix: Automatically reduce trace payload size if backend returns HTTP code 413


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