User Interface Redesign Step #1

We have rolled out first milestone of a larger UI redesign:

  • Tideways is now using a larger width for every screen by default, giving everything more space to breath.

  • The Profiler screen is now reachable from below the main application graph in the “My Callgraph Traces” box. Here you also see quicklinks to the callgraph traces you have triggered manually. The whole Profiler screen has been redesigned to be more consistent and a number of bugs have been fixed with the complex filtering and search logic.

  • The summary of a trace is now rendered consistently across all screens, the Profiler list, transaction details, trace details and compare trace screens.

  • We have introduced consistent color coding for the same kinds of metrics such as response times, requests, database queries, HTTP calls and much more so that its easier to keep track of values and compare them without loosing yourself in all the numbers.

  • The main navigation inside an application was removed. This affects direct links to Profiler, Events, Errors and Alerts screens. Individual deployments, errors and alerts are now visible as markers in the response time chart and can be clicked for information. You can click on the “$X Events” link above the chart to see a list of all events as before. Alerts are now shown in the events view as well. You can click on the “$X % Error Roate” link above the chart to switch to the error view as usual.

In the next step of the UI interface redesign we will focus on the trace details screen, including timeline and callgraph rendering. Additionally we are almost done with refactorings of the frontend javascript code which will make most of the full page reloads obsolete and make the UI even more snappy.