Introducing SQL and HTTP duration trace filters and advanced query language

Finding a specific trace you are interested in just got much easier with the addition of three new filtering features.

  1. You can now filter traces by duration or amount of executed SQL and HTTP queries in a trace:

    This allows you to find traces with SQL or HTTP behaviour that you are interested in.

  2. You can now view a list of the last 100 traces that you have looked at, or even filter it by additional criteria. You can find this option in the “User:” filter under the name “Last 100 viewed by me”.

  3. We have introduced a query language that allows you to filter by any field using a more complex set of operators and with the help of AND/OR conditions, to find exactly the traces you are looking for.

    You can find more details about the query language in the documentation.

In combination the response time, bottlenecks, events and service filters that we added last month, you now have much more filters at your disposal to find and fix problems in your application.

We are looking foward to your feedback and if you have ideas for new filters we are happy to hear from you, as we want to keep adding more filters in the future.

Benjamin Benjamin 16.06.2017