Introducing the Qafoo Profiler

We are excited to welcome you to the first blog-post about the Qafoo Profiler, a tool for PHP application performance and profiling.

Our profiler allows you to collect PHP response times and detailed profiling data on your applications. Gain immediate insights into how to improve your application’s performance. Use our knowledge on open-source PHP libraries, content-management-systems and ecommerce platforms to find performance bottlenecks.

For about a year we at Qafoo are working on the profiler as a side project. About one month ago we hit a first milestone and we have since reached out to friends for a first successful alpha test.

After gathering valuable feedback and new requirements we are now proud to lift the curtain on the Qafoo Profiler Closed Beta. We will continue to test the profiler with a selected amount of customers in the next weeks and will start inviting more testers very soon.

Much of our research has been on how to efficiently profile and transmit data from a PHP request to the Profiler platform with very low overhead. So far experiments have led to very promising results, using a local daemon that accepts data via UDP and unix socket.

Focus in the closed beta will be on scalability and fine-tuning of the profiling decisions. We have made excellent progress with Xhprof and expect to improve the results even more with custom changes to the extension.

Toby Toby 25.06.2014