Introducing Trace Pinning

Today we are introducing a new feature called “trace pinning” which allows you to keep traces for future reference. This is a first step to improve the usability of Tideways for longer performance optimization sessions by simplyfing the steps to find traces that you have found interesting before.

A pinned trace is stored for a much longer time, 120 days for the Medium and Large plans and 7 days for the Small plans and is shared between all users in the application. The limit of pinned traces is currently set to a maximum of 50 traces per organization every day.

To pin a trace that you want to keep for reference, you just have to click the “Pin” button on the far right of the menu when looking at it:

Pinned traces are then highlighted in different places of Tideways:

  • When comparing traces you can pick the compare target from all the pinned traces for this transaction first. See the screenshot below for an example.
  • When looking at the transaction details the last pinned trace is always shown first before all the most recently collected ones.
  • When searching for traces you can add a filter to show only pinned traces.

Please let us know how this new feature works for you, at this stage we are open to suggestions for further improvements.

Benjamin Benjamin 29.09.2016