Launching the Tideways Company

Today we have a very exciting announcement: Qafoo and I have launched a new company together to turn my side project Tideways – a Profiler, Performance Monitoring and Exception Tracking tool for PHP – into a fully-fledged business. Last year I realized that I wanted to work more on Tideways, but with my projects going on at Qafoo investing more of my free time into it was not going to be sustainable in the long run. So we started planning to found a company together last year in September.

Last week all the planning and paperwork was finally completed and we have all our required registrations, a Steuernummer and a VAT number. Open for business!

As the founder of the new Tideways GmbH I will now focus on improving the performance monitoring and profiling products. In turn I will reduce my work as trainer and consultant for Qafoo to a part-time job. I am very happy that I could convince Qafoo to co-found Tideways with me, as Kore, Manuel and Tobias will invest some of their time to support me pushing Tideways forward.

At Qafoo we will continue our focus on training, consulting, tooling and developer support services. These last months in particular we have been working on new content for our testing, quality-assurance and architecture services to serve our existing and new customers and are very happy with the progress and feedback.

In such a busy moment when founding a company, we also want to reflect on the current journey and who helped us get here. All our customers and partners deserve a big thank you for using and loving Tideways. We are especially indebted to Thomas, SysEleven and ScaleCommerce founder, who was excited to roll out the very first version of Tideways. Also our first users Till and his team at Imagine Easy Solutions, Stefan and Benjamin from Shopware, Anton and Henrik from Sixt and Christian, Malte and Tobias from crosscan have earned a special mention for pushing us in this direction. Thank You!

Now, we require only a short moment of your time: When you login the next time, we will ask you to confirm a change to the terms of service regarding the new stewardship by the Tideways GmbH. We will contact every customer individually with details.

Apart from that nothing will change for you. Except that we think this is a big moment graduating from a side-project to a business that you can rely on to stay. You can look forward to all the improvements we have lined up in the next weeks and months.

Benjamin Benjamin 31.03.2016