Launching Tideways with transparent and flexible pricing

We are excited to launch the first version of Tideways to the general public this week, along with a new pricing model.

The new pricing is not turning Tideways upside down. In fact, the old plans are a limited subset of the new model as you can see later.

Plans: To infinity … and beyond!

Starting today, you only pay exactly what you use in Tideways. You will always pay a basic fee of 40 € for the first million traces and then you will be charged for the usage in packages of one million traces each. This is the equivalent of having infinitely many plans where discounts for size apply automatically. For detailed information about the volume-based offers please visit the pricing page.

Your main advantages with the new pricing model:

  1. Transparency and Dependability: No rapid jumps in monthly prices if your application traffic grows beyond a plan.
  2. Volume-Based Plan: you will save money by paying only for the traces collected from your application.

One more thing on data retention

We wanted to improve flexibility even more. During beta, all traces were kept for 14 days, however, we realized that the requirements regarding data retention vary extremely among our customers.

Because the retention of traces has a direct impact on how much storage space and processing is needed, we factored this variable in the monthly fee.

If you don’t need traces for 14 days, but only for three or even just one day, we grant you a considerable discount for each million traces. Equally, if you want to store traces for much longer (30 or 90 days) then you will be charged accordingly.

Pricing Calculator

We built a pricing calculator so that you can easily experiment with the costs for different amounts of traces and retention.

You can start by checking that the startup and business plans from the beta didn’t change much in price. Using the 14 days retention, the startup plan with 3 million requests/month is now 100€ instead of 99€ (+1€) and the business plan with 15 million requests/month is now 195€ instead of 199€ (-4€).

How about long-term, fixed-scope contracts?

If you are planning with a fixed budget and with at least one year of usage in advance, then we can talk about a fixed scope contract. Please contact [email protected] to get in touch with us.

Thank You

Thanks to you – our beta testers, early-adopters, new and prospective customers – and your feedback we were able to make Tideways amazing and tailored to your needs.

As always, please let us know if you have any questions regarding Tideways, we are looking forward to hearing from you!

Benjamin Benjamin 09.06.2015