Looking for Heroku Addon testers

Are you a Heroku PHP user? Then this news will interest you: We are looking for alpha testers of the Tideways addon currently undergoing the process of becoming an official Heroku addon.

You haven’t heard of Tideways yet? Tideways combines Performance Monitoring, Profiling and Exception Tracking in one powerful tool, observing every aspect of your PHP application. See Features for more information. The Tideways addon is available for PHP 5.5, 5.6 and 7.0

As a potential participant you have a Heroku account and a testing/staging application to run Tideways on and you are using the official PHP buildpack with latest version 93 that was released this week.

Sign me up for Heroku Addon Alpha

Along with your signup request to [email protected], please send a short description which applications you want to participate with and the email address of your Heroku account so that we can activate the alpha addon for you. During the Heroku addon alpha and beta phase you can test the Tideways addon for free.

Benjamin Benjamin 29.02.2016