Monthly Reading List July 2015

We want to share interesting blog-posts and articles about performance and scalability from our reading list in July with you.

First, Luciano Mammino wrote about 6 rules of thumb to build blazing fast web applications. We covered some of the points he mentioned in one of our posts on Essential Macro-Optimizations for PHP, but make sure to check out his rules about horizontal scalability, caching and the N+1 query problem.

The Facebook developer blog has a piece on Box’s HHVM migration by one of Box’s engineers Joe Marrama. In this post he mentions the hardships they had to go through with deployment and feature parity before they migrated from PHP to HHVM for a nice 50% reduction in response times. One thing that I miss from this post is the PHP version they were on before the migration, because there is already a nice improvement that can be achieved by migrating from 5.3 to 5.6.

The german PHP Magazin has published an article on PHP Profilers by Sandro Keil. The article compares the features of Tideways with other PHP profilers. If you can’t grab a copy yourself, you can find a short summary of the article on Sandro’s blog (in English language).

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Benjamin Benjamin 31.07.2015