New: Profiling PrestaShop performance

We have included PrestaShop 1.6 and 1.7 support in the last release of the Tideways PHP extension. If you are using Tideways with your e-commerce site based on PrestaShop, then you now get better insights for monitoring and profiling data. No changes to your code-base are necessary to get started.

The PHP extension now automatically detects the name of transactions based on PrestaShop controller names, as you can see in this screenshot of our Presta demo shop:

You need to set the framework configuration in Tideways to PrestaShop (php.ini Example):


Additionally, we now detect PrestaShop events (HookCore::exec) and controllers in a timeline trace. See the dark blue CategoryController span or the light blue displayHeader event span in this screenshot to get a feeling how it works:

Support for tracing PDO with MySQL and Smarty was already in Tideways before and you can make use of them, when optimizing the performance of your PrestaShop.

P.S. Start a 30 day trial of Tideways to test PrestaShop support.

Benjamin Benjamin 05.05.2016