OpsGenie integration now available

We are thrilled to announce that our OpsGenie integration is now officially available for everyone to use. Tideways can now send Response Time Regression and Error/Exception alerts to OpsGenie and you can benefit from routing alerts through their service to avoid alert fatigue.

OpsGenie allows you to define on-call-schedules and escalation policies so that only the right persons are notified of ongoing problems. Notifications are sent through an iOS or Android mobile app, SMS or phone calls with increasing urgency. As a result, OpsGenie successfully reduces alert fatigue and inbox-spamming of alert emails.

To get the integration running, OpsGenie has published a documentation how to integrate with Tideways and we have provided a similar document with information.

As a happy OpsGenie customer ourselves it feels especially great to see this integration in use every day.

Benjamin Benjamin 27.01.2016