PHP 7 Release of Tideways

We are happy to finally release the first PHP 7 compatible version of Tideways after several months of beta testing with customers and open-source users. A new version of the extension has been released with the major version 4.0.3 that works on Linux for now. We are still working on publishing releases for Mac and Windows platforms in the next days. You can find binary downloads as Tarball, Debian, RedHat and Homebrew packages or the source code in the master branch of our repository on Github.

On top of the work we did porting the extension for PHP 7, there is also a new feature that we could implement, based on the Turn gc_collect_cycles into function pointer RFC that I have successfully proposed into PHP 7 together with Adam Harvey. Our Timeline Profiler now shows timespans for Garbage Collection and the function context they occur in, like the black span in this timeline trace:

The Tideways extension also serves as a replacement for XHProf callgraph profiling and has a compatible API and output format, you can use this extension outside our product to profile your PHP 7 applications with one of the many open-source UIs.

With this release, we are happy to finally support you monitoring, tracing and profiling your PHP 7 applications and are looking forward to users putting this into production. Happy tracing!

Benjamin Benjamin 03.02.2016