Qafoo Profiler is now Tideways

Today we are unveiling our new product name Tideways replacing the working title Qafoo Profiler.

You can now find us under our new domain, on Twitter @tidewaysio and on our new dedicated Github organization. The old and domains will continue to work indefinitely.

As for the meaning of the name, tideways are water streams visible during ebb in the wadden/north sea. You can find more information on Wikipedia (German and English).

Concerning the migration of packages, we are starting with a soft migration today. The old Debian and Packagist packages are still available as before, but we have added new Tideways packages:

  • Composer package “tideways/profiler” replaces the “qafoolabs/profiler” package.

  • Debian package “tideways-daemon” replaces the “qprofd” package.

  • Debian package “tideways-php” replaces the “qafoo-profiler-php” package.

We were careful to provide a backwards compatible API for QafooLabsProfiler PHP class so that your code will not break during an upgrade. A detailed migration guide exists to help you in the transition.

The old packages will keep working, but we are starting to send out update notices to everyone who is still running on the old code. We have no immediate plans to remove the old packages, because the protocols are compatible to each other. We have also decided against forcing upgrades to the new packages.

However, be aware that only by changing to the new tideways packages, you will receive automatic updates for PHP library, extension and daemon.

The documentation was changed to refer to the Tideways packages and code only.

The beta period will come to an end in the next weeks, the final features in testing and development at the moment include:

  • MacOS support with Homebrew
  • Alerts and Notifications for performance regressions and errors
  • Better support to identify slow queries, http requests and requests between different applications.
  • A commandline tool complementary to the Chrome extension to trigger traces for PHP scripts and REST APIs.

Follow us on Twitter @tidewaysio for updates.

Benjamin Benjamin 31.03.2015