Shopware United Meetup #4 on Performance with Tideways

This Thursday, 27th May 2021 16:00 CEST Shopware United organizes a virtual meetup on the topic of Performance and I will giving a presentation together with our customer Paul Oltmanns from Rad-Online titled:

“What we know about Shopware 6 Performance from data” by Paul Oltmanns (Radonline) and Benjamin Eberlei (Tideways)

Shopware 6 is out for a while now, and more e-commerce companies are moving to it in production. One such shop is RADONLINE, and in this talk we will share a few general and concrete lessons and insights that we found about Shopware 6 performance using Tideways Profiler.

There are two additional presentations on the topic of Shopware Performance:

  • “The Performance Project: Declutter & optimize your frontend for fast shopping experiences with SW6” by Thomas Lohner (ScaleCommerce)
  • “Shopware as your ideal Core Web Vitals boilerplate” By Erwin Hofman

Sign up for the virtual meetup on Eventbrite.

Benjamin Benjamin 25.05.2021