Three Fully Functional Demo Applications

Tideways stands for smart and efficient profiling. To offer first-time-users an easy access, we incorporated a lot of feedback to simplify the installation.

Among other things, we now provide three fully functional demo applications, to give you an impression of Tideways’ possibilities:

  • simple WordPress blog
  • Sylius eCommerce (based on Symfony2) with demo data
  • Shopware 5 with demo data

With no work required from your side, you can check out all the features of Tideways. All you need to do is sign up for a Tideways account to get direct access to the demo applications.

Don’t worry, exploring the demo applications does not count towards your available 30-day free trial, you can look around without any rush and decide to start a trial later.

All the available features are showcased and we are forcing error conditions and durations of slow performance into these applications to make them feel like an exciting roller coaster ride.

If you already created an account before and the demo applications are not visible in your dashboard, you can enable them in your settings.

Enjoy the demo applications and let us know how they work for you – as always we are looking forward to your feedback!

Benjamin Benjamin 08.06.2015