Tideways sponsoring Unconference 2019 at the 10th PHP Benelux

PHPBenelux 2018 Only a few days to go and one of our favorite PHP conferences is opening its doors – the PHP Benelux. And it is the anniversary edition – 10 years PHP Benelux – can you believe it?

We love visiting the PHP Benelux, since it is a community conference organized by engaged members of the PHP community.

Tideways already sponsored the PHP Benelux unconference in 2018 and it was a huge success, so we will continue to support the unconference.

Last year, we had a special give-away for the best talk of the unconference: a speaker’s slot at the main conference, including the whole package with hotel, travel and speaker’s dinner. Jens Segers won this slot with his talk about JSON web tokens. Now this this year, Jens will present on the main stage and talk about the idea of building a digital ID card for authentification. Sounds interesting? His talk is saturday afternoon, right after the lunch break, in track C.

As in the previous year, the best talk of the PHP Benelux Unonf 2019 can win a spot at next year’s main stage. So, future conference speakers, seize the chance and use the unconference as platform of your choice: first time speaking or spontanous talks – everything is possible.

Benjamin with the PHPBenelux Unconference Board in 2018Benjamin with the PHPBenelux Unconference Board in 2018

If you already know that you would like to give a talk, let us know – Benjamin will host the unconference and be your contact persons if you want to save a slot at the unconf timetable. Of course, talks at the unconference can be spontanous. The unconference is by definition very flexible. You might think about the more or less spontaneously filled agenda, but there is more this format offers. You also can experiment with the length of your talks or use the unconference to not just talk to the audience, but rather with it, i.e. with discussions. Important to know: during each slot there will be space for 2 talks, each with 20-30 minutes time. The only limitation: your talk (presentation/discussion/performance…) should be interesting and useful for the auditorium.

So let us know, if you want to talk at the unconf (Tweet or DM @beberlei or send an e-mail. Of course you can do that spontaneously at the conference as well, but why not be the early bird?

If you have any questions – we are happy to help!

Ruth Ruth 21.01.2019