Tideways Windows Beta and PHP 7 Update

zomg! Tideways for Windows is in Beta. We didn’t expect this to happen ourselves, so imagine our suprise when all tests just passed and that DLL fell out of the build process after just one day of tinkering.

While we had a persistent number of questions for Windows support over the last year, but with nobody on the team using Windows the effort of full integration into our deployment process seemed far away.

Using the amazing AppVeyor Continuous Integration service, adding Windows support proved to be a piece of cake. The code required only some small adjustments to compile on Windows, so that most of the work was focussed on the actual build scripts and process on AppVeyor.

The Windows support is far from stable yet, but we are looking forward to gathering feedback from you about the functionality as a XHProf replacement or using Tideways Profiler. If you are interested in beta testing Tideways on Windows please drop a mail to [email protected] to get access to the binary and setup instructions.

New PHP 7 Beta for Linux

More work happened on the PHP 7 version of Tideways, including some critical bugfixes and Debian and RPM packages.

We are extremely happy now to compile both the PHP 5 and 7 extensions from the same codebase, which frees up a significant amount of our development resources as a result. Prepare to see an increase in new features, improvements and other surprises after the PHP 7 extension is stabilized in the next days and weeks.

You can directly download the Tarball, DEB or RPM packages with Version 4.0.1 Beta2 of Tideways. If you are running into trouble or bugs please send an email to [email protected].

Benjamin Benjamin 20.01.2016