Use Tideways for applications of all sizes with the new Flex plan

The PHP community is large and diverse in their approach to build and run PHP applications. We have seen hundreds of small applications running on a handful of servers and one product running on multiple clusters and hundreds of servers across the globe. Still, we believe all PHP applications regardless of size benefit from monitoring, profiling and exception tracking functionality.

That is why we introduce a new Flex plan today starting at 69€ / month, to complement our existing pricing, and offer a high level of flexibility for everyone that wants to use Tideways.

As usual nothing changes for our existing customers and you can keep your current plans. Pricing per application is also still available for new customers.

Why we are adding Flex plans

For the last two years Tideways has been using a pricing based on the number of applications (or projects), with three different flavors “Basic”, “Standard” and “Pro” that are different in data retention, traces/minute limits and features. This works nicely for our customers with medium to large applications and provides a fair and predictable month over month price.

However, we quickly realized that medium to large applications don’t run in isolation.

There are a lot of small applications out there too, for example internal tools that support your product, WordPress blogs, CMS sites, playground projects. Agencies usually operate tens, if not hundreds of small applications for their many customers.

All of them need monitoring, profiling and exception tracking as well, but pricing individually at 89€+/month for each application turned out to be unrealistic value proposition.

Flex Plan with Request-Based Pricing

The new “Flex” Tideways plan includes unlimited applications, and is limited by a monthly PHP request limit across all Flex applications in your Tideways account. Flex includes the core functionality of Tideways suited for small applications, lower data retention and a small amount of slow traces/minute.

See the pricing page for a feature comparison between Flex (Request) and Application based pricing.

The Flex plan starts at 69€ / month for up to 5 million PHP requests across all applications combined. If you want to have a higher monthly PHP request limit, you can also upgrade to a Flex plan with 20 million PHP requests for 129€, or even 75 million PHP requests for 299€ / month.

Accounts with Mixed Request- and Application-based Pricing

Should your applications with the Flex plan grow larger and cause the monthly limit to be reached, you can always convert the ones with a high monthly PHP request volume to application based pricing with the existing Basic, Standard or Pro licenses. All Tideways accounts allow a mix of applications with Flex (Request) and application based pricing.

We have thought a while about this mixed pricing model, because offering two completely different approaches introduces some obvious complexity. Our previous plans offered just request-based or application based pricing and neither of them alone allows us to serve the diversity of companies in the PHP community well. This new model now offers the flexibility for small and larger companies and for agencies, e-commerce and product companies.

Do you have questions about our pricing? Please don’t hesitate to write us at [email protected] and we get back to you.

Benjamin Benjamin 21.05.2019