Using Tideways with HHVM

Note 2018 We have discontinued support for Tideways on HHVM because there wasn’t enough interest from customers. With all the new features since 2015 our HHVM support was not at the same level as our PHP support and with HHVMs teams decision to move away from PHP.

Facebooks PHP runtime HHVM bundles its own profiler compatible with the XHProf API. Because Tideways works with the XHProf output format as well, you can start to monitor and profile your HHVM based applications in production today.

To install the profiler with HHVM requires the tideways/profiler Composer package or download Tideways.php file directly into your application.

Add the Profiler initialization code to your project as described in the Profiler Setup documentation with the following snippet:


TidewaysProfiler::start($apiKey, 10); // 10% Sampling Rate 

For more insight into your app you should also capture the name of the called transaction using TidewaysProfiler::setTransactionName().

With a running daemon on the server these are all the necessary changes for monitoring HHVM application performance.

Benjamin Benjamin 09.02.2015